Top 7 gadgets that’ll help keep your house clean

In our day to day life, we usually make sure that our house is always clean and sparkling. This is a category of work which many neither enjoy nor like doing every day, yet it is important that it is done. This includes a lot of tasks, such as vacuuming the couch and cleaning the fans, the doors, and windows and even our lawns and backyard. There are new technologies which can help us in our task. These technologies can help you clean every aspect of your home. It is something that can be compared to leaf blowers. When they were first introduced to the market, it definitely showed a different way to clean the heaps of fallen leaves in the backyard.

The technology has evolved and those wired blowers are being replaced by some of the best cordless backpack blowers. This has helped people to cover a lot of ground without worrying about the wire. These gadgets can help you make the whole house cleaning task much easier. There are also talks about self-cleaning baths and washing machines which will help even fold laundry for you. People have been eager to know what new machines can do and how it can be helpful to them. Let us look at some of these machines which can help us with cleaning our house.

  1. Sonic Scrubber

The machine is a combination of electronic toothbrush and a bathroom sponge and is a great invention to clean the areas around the sink, shower, and even the bathtub. It is small in size and can be held in the hand. This cannot clean the entire bathroom floor but does a great job on the counter-top.  This gadget cleans the hard to reach places and reduces the cleaning time to half.

  1. iRobot Braava Jet

This company is known for its floor vacuums however, this product is mainly in mopping. It has been a great invention in the field of robotic mopping. This device can select between wet, damp and dry cleaning as per the need and it uses its jet spray, cleaning pads, and vibrating heads to help clean the difficult to reach places. It can very easily clean the hard floors of your kitchen and bathroom. The cost of this device is $199.

  1. BISSELL Smart Clean Robotic Vacuum

This robotic vacuum can clean, dust, hair, debris, and dirt on both the hard floor surfaces and carpets. The smart feature enables it to navigate around obstacles and even go under furniture and even access the corners and other areas which are difficult to reach by ourselves. The best part is that this gadget can go back to its self-charging docking station when it completes its work. The cost of this device is $299.99.

  1. Bruno Smartcan

It is a combination of dustpan/trash can which works as a trash receptacle and also acts as the household vacuum cleaner. It sucks in anything which is put in front of the base. It can also suck in all the kitchen floor debris and will remind you when you need to take out the trash and re-stock the liner bags.

  1. LG TWINWash

It is a great gadget to help clean all the dirty clothes. This gadget along with its SideKick unit help run two loads at a time and with utmost efficiency.

  1. Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower

Apart from the floor, windows, clothes, and mattresses cleaning the air is also an important aspect. This gadget can help you do that. It removes 99.7% of the pollutants and allergens which are there in the air and keeps the air clean at all times.

  1. Ecovacs WINBOT

If you have many large windows in your home, keeping them clean can be a priority task. It is cumbersome and takes a lot of time. The gadget WINBOT can help you in this case. All you need to do is to spray the cleaning pad and attach it to the window. It cleans the whole window and then needs to be moved to the next one.

After looking at these gadgets you can totally relate which ones you need. These tools are good at their job and work efficiently. As the above gadget helps you to clean your home even under the furniture and other difficult places without much problem, there are many other similar gadgets available in the market like best fitness band under 2000 and they can help you keep you stay fit.

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