These gadgets will complete your theme party

Imagine walking into a Disney theme party, expecting to enter a magical world, and only seeing a group of people in simple costumes. No music, no decorations, nothing. Quite a bummer, right? That’s not how you want your guests to remember your party. You want to impress them and exceed expectations from the moment they enter the party. Luckily, some awesome gadgets can help you achieve just that, from the best music systems to video projectors and costumes. If you throw a party, you better do it right. Grab your notebook and a pen, and get ready to deep-dive into some party tips. Here’s how to make your theme party one to remember.

Theme music

When you throw a theme party, it’s kind of obvious that your music should fit the theme. You can do this by collecting theme-based songs in a music list. You can even involve your guests and ask them to add some songs as well. But then, how are you going to play the music? It should consist of a good bass so you can throw some dance moves. It should also be loud enough to sing along. 

That’s where a good music system comes in. You can, for example, use a Sonos surround system to make your guests enjoy the music in every corner of the room. You can also choose to rent a karaoke machine for some extra fun. 

Breathtaking visuals 

Sure, decorations such as balloons and party garlands are mandatory. Without them, your party isn’t complete. However, you can also choose to take it one step further. Imagine one more time, the Disney theme party. You walk into the room, and there are fragments from Disney movies all over the walls. On your right, there is Mowgli with Balou, and on your left, you see Simba dancing on a tree. Now, that’s what I call a Disney party. The best part is that it’s quite simple to make this happen. All you need are a couple of white walls and some video projectors. If your walls are painted or decorated, you can also use greenscreens.

Costume king or queen

It’s time to steal the show! Whatever theme party you throw: there are more than enough party clothes to choose from. From a cowboy outfit (Dutch: cowboy kleding) to an Indian costume (Dutch: indianen kleding). Make sure that your outfit is the bomb. After all, you’re the host of the party. And remember: a perfect costume requires more than just clothes. You can use a wig, accessories, and makeup to complete your look. Do you want to be sure that your guests put effort into their outfits as well? Arrange a contest in which the best costume wins a prize. Mark my words: it works every time.  

I hope these gadgets and tips will help you arrange a party to remember. Every birthday is worth celebrating, and a little party never hurts anyone. Good luck and enjoy your upcoming theme parties! We hope our tips will be of good use.

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