The best software and gadgets on the market for hotels

Hoteliers are always looking for the next best thing that will make their work easier and faster, will make the guests happier and will make them spend less money. Sadly, there are no magical solutions… but in this innovative market, there are certain gadgets and programs that come close! In this article, we talk about the newest software and gadgets on the market that can have a big impact on your guests’ happiness and the amount of work your staff has! 

1. Robots in the restaurant

In some countries like Japan, robots are used in quite a few businesses. But to many, they still seem very scary. And we agree: it’s something guests have to get used to. But they can be super handy for certain tasks! 

For instance: after guests have finished eating, cleaning tables can be a time consuming tasks because plates, glasses and cutlery can be heavy, so it often takes staff multiple runs to the kitchen. But what if you had a handy robot following you around, that could hold a lot of weight and take over this annoying task? While the robot brings the dirty dishware to the kitchen, your staff has more time to truly engage with your guests, so they have the best experience dining with you. 

2. Handy automation software

Every hotel wants the best booking engine and the greatest channel manager, because those are super important. But for many, that’s where the automations stop. And that’s a shame! There are loads of smaller tasks that eat away the time of e.g. the front desk staff. To give an example: everything regarding payments. If you advertise your hotel through Online Travel Agents, someone probably spends a lot of time manually charging virtual credit cards. It’s not only technically allowed in many places – such as the European Union – it’s also super time consuming. Hotel payment automation systems to the rescue! These kinds of systems automate this process and make sure the credit card info is added to the PMS correctly. And that without any work for the front desk staff, who can then focus on the guests. 

3. Enhance the customer experience with smart software

In the age of voice assistants like Alexa, it’s annoying when you have to get out of bed to turn the lights off. To enhance your guests’ experience, you can make your hotel rooms into smart rooms by offering personalisation with a tablet device or smart speaker. This way, your guests can change things such as the heating, cooling, lights…. This way they enjoy their favoured temperature level etc. during their stay. 

What’s handy about these smart hotel rooms, is that the hotel staff can also access and control these devices. This can be really handy if e.g. a room hasn’t been booked for a while: why send up someone to put the heating on when it can be done with one click? Or if a guest checks out, you can make sure the lights and heating are off with another click. Handy! 

Which software and gadgets do you use?

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