Secret Surveillance Apps for Small Business Owner

The surveillance software oils the wheels of businesses playing a significant role in boosting employee efficiency and productivity. The performance of the workforce has a correlation with the out and profitability of the business. The entrepreneurs across the world have been taking the support of different surveillance and employee monitoring tools to keep a check on their workers’ activities during the working hours. These monitoring apps do not only monitor the activities of the workers but also help to streamline the business operations, eliminate unnecessary processes, discouraging office gossips, bullying and sexual harassments. This article discusses the top surveillance software intended for employers to manage the workers and business operations remotely.

TheOneSpy Employee Monitoring App

TheOneSpy is among the high-rated employee monitoring software intended for small-scale businesses. It is compatible with cell phone tablets and computers running Android, iOS, MAC and Windows operating system. It offers a broad range of features enabling the employers to monitor online and offline activities of the workers performed on the company-owned devices. You can monitor the internal and external communication of the workers to make sure they are negotiating with the co-workers, clients and third parties in an appropriate manner.

The monitoring app lets you track the text messages, multimedia messages and instant messages exchanged through WhatsApp, Viber, IMO, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and many other popular communication apps. Moreover, the app offers call recording to facilitate the contact centers keeping a record of the inward and outward phone calls of contact center representatives. The GPS location tracking feature allows monitoring of remote or traveling workers.

In addition to traditional surveillance features, the monitoring app offers the innovative features of live monitoring. The entrepreneurs can remotely operate the microphone and cameras of the cell phone and computer devices operated by the workers. It enables listening to the surround voices and sounds. The live camera streaming lets you monitor the surrounding scenes. This enables the business managers to combat workplace bullying, unproductive gossips and sexual harassment.

Moreover, the app enables the business managers to supervise the internet use of their workers to discourage the unproductive use of the facilities provided by the company. The tracking app accesses the internet browsing history of the targeted cell phone and computer devices and uploads to the online control panel of the cell phone spy app. This information helps the business managers or employers know how the workers are using the internet facility; which websites are being visited; how frequently and at what times. The unproductive websites can be blocked to prevent workers from killing their working hours doing unwanted activities.

MSpy Tracking App

Mspy is another popular cell phone and computer tracking application developed for small-scale businesses to monitor the workforce and enhance employee productivity. The application offers all the traditional spying features necessary to monitor the use of mobile phones and computer devices. It allows spying on the messages and emails sent and received by the workers through the monitored devices. It offers monitoring call logs, tracking the GPS location, monitoring the internet browsing history and accessing the keylogs.

Flexispy Surveillance App

Another trusted employee surveillance app on our list is Flexispy which allows remote monitoring and managing the computer and cell phone devices of the workforce. The application lets you record the incoming and outgoing phone calls of your workers to make sure they are not in contact with competitors. The SMS, IM and social media monitoring lets you track the conversations of your workers as well as the media file sharing. This information helps you detect if any of your workers is indulged in wrongdoing or conveying company sensitive data to competitors.

TheTruthSpy Tracking Software

ThetruthSpy employee surveillance software enables the employers and business managers to monitor the activities of remote and in-house workers working within and beyond the workplace. Similar to the above-mentioned monitoring applications, this spy app also offers monitoring conversations of the workers made via text messages, instant messages, phone calls, voice calls and emails. The spy app allows tracking the popular social media apps to keep the productivity of the social media managers under surveillance. The GPS location tracking helps you keep tabs on the workers working beyond the workstation.


The perks of employee surveillance applications for the businesses are countless. However, picking a reliable cell phone and computer tracking app is the key. We hope our above list would be helpful in picking an appropriate surveillance software for your small-scale business.

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