Popular Examples of Tailor Made Software

Custom software is known to provide companies with a competitive edge that helps them stand out in front of their stakeholders. The top examples that we are going to present are of those big and little known organisations such as Apple, Google, and McDonalds who were able to form industry leadership. Through these examples we aim to educate people why conjoining custom software with the company’s leading practices could help in creating an everlasting competitive advantage, often seen in the form of the lead position, efficiency, and having an innovative culture.

Before you go deep into the subject, let’s understand the meaning of tailor made or custom software. These terms are interchangeable, implying that the meaning is same. It refers to a particular kind of software that was built from scratch in order to fulfil the company’s needs and demands in a personalised fashion. It helps an organisation to offer its own end-user experience and definite its functionality instead of just following the best practices available in the market.

Tailor made software can be of three different degrees:

  • Fully Custom – It is made right from scratch, primarily used for describing legacy software systems.
  • Modern Internal Applications – They are pre-developed software libraries such as SDK, used for reducing the repeated code and focusing on the unique requirements of the business. Most modern organisations use this kind of custom software.
  • Systems of Custom Software – Certain companies utilise external custom software that was created by another organisation and then change features to fit the company’s capabilities.

Now, let’s look into the top examples of tailor made software in the section below:


McDonalds is known for being a leader in the industry for forming an intuitive yet simple system that allows employees who have minimal training to grasp the art quickly and become successful team members. By hiring a custom software development firm, they have successfully doubled down on POS technology as they became the first fast food chain that offered self serve kiosks in Canada.

It is just one of the ways McDonalds has made its way towards becoming customer centric. But, the team is known for requiring significant discipline and investment. Custom software has allowed the company’s service model to perfectly fit around its customers instead of having it the other way around.


Amazon used to have website that was dedicated to books, but it branched out slowly into a variety of products. Amazon understands what customers need, and when they pair it with excellent customer service and delivery, they top it all. They use technology for collecting data on the preferences of the customers and try to use the information for making the buying experience as risk and hassle free as possible. Returns are also hassle-free.


UBER is known for being a popular cab service provider in the major metropolitan cities in different parts of the world. With the help of their tailored made application, they provide a smooth experience where the rider and driver can co-exist, everything done by the intelligent dispatching system. It used to be a job of a human long back, but now an intelligent system is able to match riders and drivers seamlessly. Due to their software, UBER is known to have a market share of 76% in the United States.

The key features of the software include:

  • Guidance and navigation systems for drivers
  • Finding a ride immediately or schedule as per convenience
  • Automated pricing for the competitive ride fares


There was a time when Netflix was struggling to woo buyers such as Blockbuster. As Netflix produced some of the significant self-produced hits like Jessica Jones, Stranger Things, and House of Cards is continually focusing on innovating custom software and technology. Some of the ways Netflix was able to delivery box office while cutting down on prices is the technological advancements. The technological strides are:

  • Using content art customization for increasing viewership
  • Providing content suggestion by analysing the shows that were watched before
  • Japanese subtitle generation
  • Using back-end technology for making the viewing experience as smooth and seamless in different devices.

The custom video platform that Netflix offers is absolutely wonderful, which helps in serving the customers better.

Apply iOS

In the Smart phone OS market, the majority share holders include iOS and Android. It is because of the companies are able t build and maintain a unique custom software for devices. Those days when Nokia and Motorolla dominated the market with their custom mobile OS are long gone now. It shows that having a compelling business model with custom software does not guarantee viability in the future. In spite of that, Apple has been developing custom software for iPhone that has features like facial recognition unlock, digital touch, and so on. Apple system’s is one of the major reasons why people buy the iPhone even though they charge higher prices.

Other than these examples mentioned above, there are several other companies, including YouTube and Google who are doing exceptionally well because of custom software development. Custom software indeed has the power to help companies move forward and serve customers in an incredible fashion.

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