Pixlr Vs Snapseed- Which App is better?

1. Pixlr Express

7 Reasons which makes Pixlr Express better than Snapseed

We are comparing Pixlr Express with Snapseed

1.More filters than Snapseed

100 Filters in Pixlr whereas in comparison only 27 filters are in Snapseed

What filters do is to allow you to apply different effects in your image like for example black&white, Retro, Sepia and etc.

  1. Pixlr has more frames than Snapseed

Pixlr has 210 Frames to offer whereas Snapseed only offers 23

The more number of frames to choose from the more stylish you can make your image look after.

  1. Pixlr Express has higher rating on Google Play Store than Snapseed

To be precise Pixlr has better reviews and an overall higher rating than Snapseed on Google Play Store (4.5 Pixlr- 4.4 Snapseed).

  1. Pixlr allows you to add caption and titles to your image

Snapseed doesn’t offer any such feature

  1. Pixlr also has paint your image option using its “Brush” tool

Alas, Snapseed doesn’t have any such feature

  1. Pixlr only engages 13 MB of memory in your phone whereas Snapseed takes around 27.9MB space

Need not to tell you the importance of phone memory when it comes to using Android phones.

  1. Pixlr also comes with collage making feature

Snapseed do not entitle any such feature.

2. Snapseed

5 Reasons to choose Snapseed over Pixlr Express

We are comparing Snapseed for PC with Pixlr Express

  1. Snapseed comes with tilt shift featur

Pixlr Express do not has tilt shift feature

For the newbie’s, tilt shift is a technique to create “diorama” effect in your image which can turn your normal image to into small models. This effect stimulates a shallower depth of field in your image or on objects in the background of your image.

  1. Snapseed also comes with HDR adjustment feature

Pixlr has no such feature

By adjusting HDR of your image you can improve the quality of your image; basically what it does is- making your image appear just like how you see things with your naked eyes.

  1. Snapseed comes with tablet version as well

Pixlr do not comes with tablet version

  1. Snapseed has more and better crop option

Snapseed has 7 cropping sizes in comparison to Pixlr which has only 5

  1. Snapseed comes with manual white balance option

Pixlr has no such features


By manual white balance one can select the most precise setting and evade the hue which can arise in auto mode.



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