Must Use These Tips for Your Smartphone Security

Just like the need to secure personal computer is crucial to secure the personal data stored in it, similarly, the same reason applies in case of smart phones as they store varied information regarding a person. The following pointers might be useful in protecting the data stored in the phone.

  • Setting a Strong Screen Lock: The first and foremost step in keeping access to one’s Smartphone secretive is setting a difficult and unique passcode. The smart phones let personals set either a lock pattern or a number code. Many of them even allow additional fingerprint access for advanced security. As far as number code is concerned one must be vigilant in not giving easy clue to crack the code. Birthdate, car number or flat number must be avoided while setting the code.

A good idea might be setting the lock using initials of the words of a line of a song or a poem. Certain three-dimensional face scan unlock is also offered by advanced phones. Tracking applications like “find my device” could be used in case the phone is lost and it further allows disabling the phone in case of utmost need.

  • Using A SIM Card Lock: In case the phone is lost, the chances of one removing the SIM card and loading it in another phone to access the data cannot be completely eradicated. Thus locking the SIM card is extremely important for advanced security. Before connecting to the network the entry of pin would be a prerequisite for accessing the SIM.

  • Locking The Apps: Various phones allow the users to restrict access to the apps by using a security lock. In order to open the app one need to enter the passcode set specifically to unlock that particular application. This ensures an additional security layer. Even if the Best Budget Camera Phone is not inbuilt with the feature, certain third-party applications facilitate users to utilize the feature.

  • Wireless Protection: Devices that allow transmission of data via some wireless medium demands extra security check. A simple step like switching the wireless device off when not in use can save one from massive trouble. Enlightening one’s own self regarding the network security of the phone can help persons figure out the configuration of the device and further taking steps to secure it.

  • Utilizing Two-Step Authentication: This is slightly a tedious check. It requires the users to input passcode in two steps. This authentication is supported by various applications ranging from social servicing apps to banking apps.

  • Application Download Security: The numerous malpractices happening over the internet is a reason enough to be cautious. Especially the use of so many applications for a wide range of purpose has threatened the security of devices. It is thus advisable to download only those apps which are trusted and secured.

  • Installation of Antivirus: Various infected applications and spam encompassing unsecured contents can pose an immense threat to smartphones. An easy way out is to install a celebrated and good antivirus on the phone.

As the old saying goes “prevention is better than cure”, it is always better to stay on the safer side by adopting few basic and not so overwhelming security means. Following the above points would enable one to save personal data and restrict unwanted interruption.

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