How to Download iMovie for PC (Windows 10/8/7)

An Apple’s roll-out for MAC and iOS, iMovie is a well-reckoned video editing software, bearing specifications that are best by a country mile. It is certainly a big hoot for those who have been casting their net around to get applications that could bring them a ‘wow’ end product in terms of clean, jerk-free and quality edits. iMovie, the application, has hit a bumper success by surpassing all pre-drawn levels of visual briskness and delectability, notched up by other pieces of software in the markets. Today, it has positioned itself as an indisputable leader in the arena of video editing, and we are totally convinced of its excellence of the motives.

iMovie for windows has been having a lubricated sail in the business ever since its launch day for providing a better elbow room to perform customary operations like merging, cropping and splitting the movable video clips. Besides this, its free availability to users is an added bonus.

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Why iMovie is a Great Find?

Given a remarkable pick-up in the social media use, and a greater relevance attached to the mass media products, there has been a full-figure increase in the numbers of video editing software. This eventually brings us to the dilemma of choosing the best out of the rest, and the very same juncture brings us to the realization that iMovie is an all-perfect creation.

iMovie fro windows scores a hundred by whittling down the time spent on reading the to-do guides and internet assistance sections that may choke one’s brain passages. This application is easier to operate, and is sure to give users the ultimate chill when it comes to its applying mechanics. Not only does the application offer facility to edit and watch videos, but also enables users to share it with their counterparts.

Creating slideshows and representations is a pushover on iMovie, as the concerned setup requires a midget effort. The enhancement of the video clips happens under the spread of professional filters, such as Chroma Key, Color Balance, Denoise and so on. There is a wide assortment of transitions as well, which are highly customizable and easy-to-add.

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Downloading iMovie for PC

The thin possibilities of downloading iMovie for PC may turn users pale, but it’s definitely not the end of the road. Hope is the driver, and we should keep ourselves moving for the best and the desirable.

VMware and parallel desktop programs are the suggested open routes to access the application on PC. However, the fact that they are paid programs might make users a bit reluctant to use them. Plus, these programs also entail the use of dual boot feature.

While these options may take the downloading task down in the dumps, there are a plenty of other alternatives to iMovie that brilliantly fill the shoes, such as Movavi Video Editor, Final Cut Pro X, iMotion HD and Magix Movie Edit Pro 18. Bring any of these substitutes in use, and we’re sure that you aren’t going to lament the unavailability of iMovie for PC any longer. We wish you tons of good luck!

iMovie Features

  • iMovie’s timeline is well replete with special effects and tailor-made templates, making this application highly effective in enhancing the quality of the videos. Not to mention, the availability of online tutorials is an instant heart-digger.
  • Broadcasting comes easy with iMovie, courtesy the access to a raft of sharing and airing options.
  • iMovie hits the nail with its file transferring mechanism. Users can instantly transport files from one system to another using FireWire, and all they need is a workable USB port.
  • Apple INC has recently unveiled the updated iMovie 10.0.8, which, as expected, is powerpacked with phenomenal features that may take one’s fascination to the most productive lands.
  • iMovie for pc draws a functional parallelism between itself and the social media tools. Users are provided with opportunities of sharing their edited clips directly on social networks, like Twitter and Facebook.
  • DVD or CD burn is doable.

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