Top Emerging and Hottest Web Application Development Technology of 2018

You must be aware of one basic fact while developing a web application. That is every new year will bring major advancements in emerging technologies related to web development. In fact, the platforms, cogs and the languages pertinent to web application development are constantly evolving. The web development industry is said to be ruled by changes and the year 2018 will not be an exception.

As a web development company you must be aware of the fact that to stay ahead of competitors, there is a constant demand for the latest advancements in programming languages and frameworks. There is a trend on developing real-time web apps and the demand for content in real-time – anywhere and anytime and that which is accessible from your mobile devices.

In this post, you will be gathering insights on some of the emerging and hottest web application development trends – that is about to leave a global impact in 2018. Let us delve into these trends on web application development in 2018.

Trends on Web Application Development in 2018

The dominating trends on web application development in 2018 are:

Mobile-First Design

There is tremendous rise in the demand for mobile devices. Till 2018, there was an emphasis on developing desktop-centric websites for the mobile devices. But, now the focus has shifted towards a mobile-first strategy for web development, where desktop application development is not even considered important.

The best practice is to gather enough information about differences between responsive and mobile-first designs. Moreover, this will enable the designers to arrive at neat and practical designs. It helps to improve the product design time as well as increase the developer’s productivity.

Increase in Push Notifications

There is large number sites which are rampantly using push notifications. These are nothing but messages that pop up on the mobile devices. Alternately, these notifications can even be pushed from the servers – without even the app running. Push notifications provide a way to notify the users of a website about changes in content, with no need to send an email or visiting the site. There are two APIs in push notifications – Push API and notification API.

These serve as engagement tools that can enhance traffic – without affecting the outreach. There are dedicated services like PushCrew, that helps to start with push notifications.

Increase in One-Page Website Design

No one has time to read multi-page websites and website content need to be concise and cut down in length, so as to increase the conversion rates. So, the visitors will just scroll through a long page that has all the content, as in the case of a one-page website design.

The visitors of a one-page website will browse through information – in a linear way. This type of websites are complex in nature and are unique. The visitor takes a journey through the website. The designers achieve creativity by triggering images and texts to move in and out – that brings about a movement to the site. It offers an enjoyable and easy experience.


Increase in Progressive Web Apps

Google announced the progressive web apps (PWA) in 2015. As the market for mobile apps become saturated, the PWA are emerging as alternatives. These are web apps that appear as native web applications and has standard web pages.

There are a host of benefits provided by PWAs. First, they do not require any intermediary like a App Store as in case of any regular web apps. Moreover, they provide other benefits like security, speed, offline access and usability. However, this is not an easy task for the novice developer but it is developed within WordPress – taking help from Ionic 1.x and AngularJS.

Javascript Dominates

Javascript remains as the most emerging and hottest web application development trend, continuing from 2017. So far as the WordPress developers are concerned Javascript has emerged as a primary consideration – without the ground held by PHP .

The libraries and frameworks in Javascript are flexible in nature. However, hottest trend is the war between Angular and ReactJS frameworks. Angular is a Javascript framework that offers multiple out-of-the-box solutions. On the other hand, ReactJS comprises of targeted, composable online tools and it acts as one of the building blocks. As of now, Angular prevails but there may be a change in situation in 2018.



We conclude to say that it is indeed an uphill task for the developers – to keep abreast of these wide array of trending technologies. Moreover, it becomes imperative to devote their valuable time on researching on this emerging topics. This time could have been devoted meaningfully towards execution of other web development projects. So, there need to be trade-off between the time that is devoted and better addressing the client needs with knowledge gathered on these latest technologies.

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