High-end graphic & photo art in frames at Humiio

Humiio was founded in early 2020 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, by Hans Dietvorst and Jens van der Velde. A shared fascination for photography brought them together at humiio, an exclusive collection of compelling photographs and high-quality frames under one concept. Humiio offers online a beautifully curated selection of handmade graphic art and photographs (both in black and white art, as well as in color) in refined custom-made fine art framing

Humiio stands for ‘only if it makes us happy’, which is the essence behind their partnership. Humiio strongly believes that the Humiio collection, with its beautiful portraits, graphics and photographs  (photo art) of modern architecture, will bring a new feeling of contemporary aesthetics which will be appreciated by art lovers.

Modern art abstract

Modern abstract art by abstract painters or well-known artists? With a beautiful art painting, modern or abstract as a wall decoration for your home or as art for your office, your living environment will certainly receive the attention it deserves.

Abstract art sometimes leads to confusion for people, but it offers the opportunity to unleash your own imagination and images. The question: what do you see in it arises. That is what makes abstract art a special art movement.

The presentation of abstract art was a true revolution in the twentieth century. Well-known artists who created abstract art include the Russian Wassily Kandinsky, the Dutch Piet Mondriaan, the American Jackson Pollock and the Dutch / American Willem de Kooning.

What is Abstract Art

Imagine a painting. A painting consisting of lines and surfaces. Some areas are coloured, others are colourless. It forms a composition that does not immediately make you think of something, but indirectly it does. It makes you imagine something. For example, you can see a tree or a road network seen from above. Actually, the performance that you think about or the feeling you get with it is very personal. That’s abstract art. An image is displayed in shape, line and colour where you as a viewer can imagine ‘something’.

Abstract art mainly consists of various elements that form an (abstract) representation together. These elements are expressed, among other things, in shape, colour, energy, symbolism, rhythm and contrast. This form of modern art emerged as a movement in painting and sculpture at the beginning of the twentieth century. But actually, abstract art has been around for much longer. Until far into antiquity, abstract shapes appeared on, for example, utensils. In fact, abstract art is far ahead of figurative art.

Abstract art consists of two trends: reality depicted in abstract geometric shapes such as circles and squares. And a representation rendered in certain shapes and colours in response to impressions and feelings of the artist.

Photo paper and high quality of Humiio

Humiio print their pictures in the Netherlands on Hahnemühle Baryta FB 350 gsm · 100% α-cellulose · high-gloss finish paper. Hahnemühle Baryta FB paper is a 100% α-cellulose, bright white FineArt inkjet paper. It features an inkjet coating that has been specially optimised for FineArt applications. The heavy, minimally textured base paper impresses with a high degree of whiteness and an extremely smooth surface. In combination with the high-gloss premium inkjet coating, it produces excellent print results. Black has impressive depth, colours are brilliantly reflected, and details and contrasts are perfectly reproduced.

The barium sulphate in the coating gives the paper the feel of a traditional analogue baryta paper.

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