Grindr vs Hornet vs Tinder vs Blued : Which gay dating app is the best

Internet has brought everyone closer, and one the best way with the help of which this has been done is the by the use of dating applications. Over the past few years, we have seen that the dating applications have grown in number. Considering that, it has become slightly difficult to find out which is the best dating app. Here, we will be giving you some points that will help you in understanding these applications in a better way :

1.  Grindr :

It is most popular among Gays and it has more than 2 million users and they are from around 196 countries. Grindr for computer application allows you chat in private, save and block the users, customize your search, allows you to view upto 100 guys on the basis of your location. It also has a premium feature that allows you to view upto 300 guys based on your location. If you would like to use Grindr on PC then you can install it using Bluestacks app player.

2.  Hornet :

This application is free and it has been developed by Hornet Networks Limited. This application is used by around 7 million people from all across the globe. According to few users, this application is also called as “the application that Grindr should have been”. This application allows you to find guys from any part of the world and allows you to connect with them instantly.

3.  Tinder :

There are two ways in which this application can be used. One is known as the Straight Tinder and the other one is known as the Straight Tinder, the user will just have to change the setting on the application. This application allows you to upload around 6 photos on your profile. You can also integrate your Tinder account with your Instagram account, and connect with more people. This application also has a premium version, known as the Tinder Plus, and this version allows you to super like and rewind.

4.  Blued :

This application started as a Chinese gay dating application. The application can be joined by either using your Facebook account or your Twitter account. Of all the applications that have been discussed so far, this is the only application that allows you to follow others, share updates, photos and videos on your profile. As of now, this application has 27 million users. This is the most useful application for gay men. Recently, a new feature has also been introduced known as the BLUED LIVE, that allows the users to go live.

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