Gambling – how to protect young people?

The proliferation of offline and especially online gambling establishments led to the enlargement of the gaming community and the extension of its age range. Many online casinos state in their terms and conditions the age limit which is dictated by the region law but simultaneously do not provide a quality system of the personal data verification. The pop-up window that requests to confirm the user’s age is not a sufficient grade of the visitor control. The responsibility is unloaded on consumers regardless their age, maturity and mental health. Youngsters are the most vulnerable segment of the people due to their unformed personality that is mirrored in psychological instability and a lack of well-defined moral principles. The Internet space became an additional reality where they feel the urge and even require to gain status for their actual or alternative identity. The virtual environment in comparison to real one does not set evident boundaries. That is why the understanding of what’s right and what’s wrong without a guideline can take a long way full of misleading signs and traps. Ergo a proper path should be paved by adults who care about the future of the humankind and not of their own success. As pointers down the road, they can use education, economy and law regulations.


There are two types of education every child should go through: home and school. By home here’s meant not actual academic learning in the household surroundings but teaching and setting examples of real-life worths. Not only an illusory gravy train can give young adults a ride to the gambling world. Any card, board or computer game can bring a fervor that some of them can become addicted to. It can be a congenital predisposition or a psychological problem based on a lack of impressions or of the auspicious setting for abilities realization. In quest of it, they can easily online pokies fall into blaze snares like online casinos. Possible money prizes make hooks look even more winsome and attract another group that places wealth on the top of their life goals list.The risk group is formed by the children who raise in low-income families or whose proper behavior is stimulated by money rewards.

Young people react the most negative and contradictory to restrictions and constant control. That’s why the resolution of the problem should be shaped as a landmark they are not forced but want to approach. Parents should know propensities and needs of their children and channel them the appropriate way. Games can be presented as a teambuilding tool, sports activities can settle a lack of fervor, and a good demeanor should be set as a deserving efforts goal. It doesn’t mean that such remedies as limited entertainment time and Internet parent control are unnecessary. But their representation in the form of punishment might incite teenagers to look for ways around them that can only aggravate the potential problem. Some specialists take a strong stand that children to achieve a required level of self-dependence to function efficiently in society need almost a complete freedom to learn from their own mistakes and experience. But gambling addiction is an acknowledged illness that some respected adults can’t fight against by themselves not to mention sinking in the ocean of information and possibilities kids.

School as a model of society significantly affects personality development. Especially at the young age when children get familiar with their age-mates and compare their life conditions and abilities to their own. Unsatisfactory results can cause jealousy, conflicts and a search of the easiest way to turn the situation the other way. That’s why it’s important for educational institutions to make an accent on moral aspects, keep rivalry for motivation and not comparison purposes and represent the learning process as an engaging, sapid and useful activity and a contribution to the future success.


Gambling as a time-killer and earning activity flourishes in the unstable economic environment. Youngsters might be frustrated by the family financial and consequently psychological situation and sometimes even forced to work from the young age. Not everyone can handle these conditions maturely. They can start looking for a place to run away, and the virtual world appears as the nearest one. Colorful websites promising a lot of money with a push of a button can infatuate.

Therefore, the government during financial crises should be focused on the protection of the working class as the power that can draw out the country from the economic pit. The law liberalization for the gambling business that usually common for this time should be combined with the clear and strict tax regulations for this industry and does not concern the age range restriction. As during the stable economic situation, young adults need vacancies and jobs and not only distractions from everyday problems.

Law regulations

As a rapidly developing industry, gambling is appealing for some countries as a remedy to ameliorate their financial situation. The laws liberalization for local and international companies provides that. Since the Internet segment of the business is much more exoteric and inventive the control level for it should be higher considering who, when and for how long can play at online casinos. It may appear as a freedom limitation, but consequences that can bring unbounded virtual gambling might be much worse than discontents with regulations.

Licenses for both offline and online casino establishments should be equally obligatory and provided by the local institutions. They should be regularly audited and controlled regarding their finances and fair play level.

Not suited for children

In the modern world, a possible profit is frequently achieved with almost no attention to applicable remedies and consequences that may occur during and after using a particular product or service. It became every person’s responsibility to take care of themselves and helping others to do that. Especially it concerns parents, educational and government institution that form and regulate the oncoming generation. Moral and legal principles should limit gambling as a possible harmful influence.

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