Gadgets That Can Reshape Our Classrooms

As with other industries, emerging technologies have brought about tremendous changes in the education industry. Majority of the teachers across the world agree to the fact that technology facilitates the process of creating lessons and homework assignments for the individual needs of their students. However, teachers also said that the technology they had been using is outdated. Now, that is a problem! Students of this generation need and demand their school to be updated about the latest trends in technology. We cannot wait for a gizmo to become antiquated to start implementing it in the educational process.

Therefore, it is important for us to be aware of the technologies that are moulding the future of education, and we have to implement them as soon as possible. The first step for this is to get the information we need. What are those trendy gadgets that we need to pay attention to? Here, we list five such gadgets that have the potential to change the educational system for better.

  1. Holograms

We have been using projectors in classrooms for decades now and it is time for us to take it to a very advanced level by using holograms in classrooms.  We can make use of these devices to teach science concepts such as the projectile motion and the motion of a simple pendulum by presenting realistic and interactive holograms.

  1. Smart Tables

Smart tables come in the form of a table and are studier, stronger and comfortable to use. These tables’ foster great collaborative work and they bring students together for exciting research and gives them a great learning experience. Additionally, these are spill resistant and can support up to 200 lb. of weight.

  1. Digital Paper

Digital paper was a future possibility a few years back but now it is sold in the market. Educators and teachers now have a new way to read, share documents and annotate electronically using digital papers. It can cut down the vast amount of paper that clutters offices and institutions. Digital Papers will help institutions reduce the time-consuming and expensive process of printing, copying, sharing, transporting and discarding teaching materials and reports.

  1. Biometric Devices

Biometric devices are usually associated with the security industry for authenticating the identity through fingerprint, iris pattern and voice or facial recognition. In education, these eye tracking devices can be used to monitor a student’s response to the learning content. Researchers can use them to study children’s perceptual and cognitive development. These judgments are essential for the adjustment of teachings processes to the necessities of new generations.

Educators from previous generations will surely have issues with executing biometrics in their classrooms. Nonetheless, we can’t combat it no matter how much we try. It is necessary to be informed about new technologies and learn how to use them to bring forward the educational industry. The major advantage of technology in education is that we get to shape our students into individuals who are ready to take on the world of technology.


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