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Music is the food for soul. This is why millions of people all over the world are looking for the new websites to download free mp3 to their computers and smartphones. If you are not able to locate the trusted and best websites for free mp3 there is no need to worry. Here is the compilation of some of the most popular and effective free mp3 download websites which have all the songs and music you will ever need. Some of these sites do not even require registration to download the music.

There are a number of good sites that offer the MP3 downloads to the users. However, finding the best one out of the thousands of website could get a little tricky. Also, there are some sites which ask you for money for song download. But why shell out any money when the music can be easily downloaded for free. Here is a sneak peek at some of the great MP3 websites. Although more than 90% of the MP3 download is illegal, the good news is that these sites offer free legal music.

Top 5 Free Mp3 Download Sites for PC and Mobile

1. MP3 Skull (

MP3skull is an incredibly easy option to download the music of your choice for free in the MP3 format. This website has a huge repository of millions of songs in multiple languages. offers a great user interface and allows you to look up for the songs quite easily. Whether you want to download the songs from your favourite singer or simply any single, you can do it quite conveniently. In spite of the huge inventory, the site is quite fast and provides great user experience.

2. (

If you are looking for a spectacular music search engine then is the place where you should be. This site offers free and yet legal songs that you can easily download on your computer, smartphones, iPod, and other handheld devices. If you want to listen to a particular song before downloading, you can do that as well. This site has an in-built MP3 player that can play great quality music.

3. Spotify (

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that is one of the most visited MP3 websites in the world. With millions of MP3 songs and tracks, its huge library allows you to listen to your favourite music any time you want. You can look up for the music by the categories including album, artist, song name, record label, genre, and playlist. The social media integration also allows you to share the music, songs, and playlist across popular social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. You simply need to register and create a free account on this website to gain access to the millions of songs it offers.

4. (


You can safely say that is one of the leading providers of free legal music in the world. In fact, if you are an artist or composer, the site allows you to publish your creation for free. You can choose to listen to the music right from the website or download it on your device to enjoy it later. You will not be disturbed by the advertisements while playing the music. It also allows you to distribute the music as and when you like. If you want, you can also follow your favorite artists by becoming their fan and then share their creations with the world on the social media platforms. The interface is pretty good and allows you multiple search options.

5. (

This site, from the internet giant Google, has a huge Mp3 library with more than 30 million songs. You can play the songs directly from the site or simply download it on your devices to listen to them offline. It also allows you to create playlists that can include up to 50,000 songs.

Hope, you loved our free mp3 download sites, If you have some more free music download sites, please let us know we will add them in our list very soon.

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