Facetime for Windows 8, 9 and 10- Download and Installation Guide

FaceTime is a video chat application by apple, so it’s easily available to use on ios devices but to use it on a windows pc needs a bit of tweaking. It’s free and the best app to use if you wish to contact a friend with an iphone; all you have to do is enter the friend’s contact number, if the recipient is using ipod, ipad or a mac then you feed in their email id. To use this app you need only an apple id and a wifi connection. It’s easily the best app of it’s kind in the market, since it provides HD quality video and a clear, noise free audio. It also has the option of blocking certain call or all for a time.

Facetime also provides a mute feature so the person on the other end can see but not hear you, while the mute button is turned on. It works fine with a 3G connection. It is a user friendly and totally secure app.

To be able to run it on a windows pc, all that’s needed is

  • Windows 7 or higher
  • 1GB ram
  • Web cam
  • Headset or microphone
  • Internet connection

How to download and install Facetime on PC?

To download Facetime for PC, Well it’s definitely a bit more complicated than when it comes to using it on a mac, but even so it’s easy enough that anyone can do it. Besides it’s well worth the extra minute or so you may have to spend.

  • Download an android emulator such as blue stacks. An android emulator mimics the android ios when it’s run, as such any app that’s made for android, and then these apps can then be run in the emulator interface. And since there is a facetime app available for android that can easily run here.
  • Install the emulator and launch it
  • After installation, you need to setup the emulator with your gmail id
  • If you have Android phone already and a Gmail ID linked to it, then click onexisting button and add your Gmail ID and password to setup Bluestacks. And if you are new to Bluestacks and Android then click on new and connect Gmail account with Bluestacks.
  • Once bluestacks in setup
  • Download facetime apk from here*/0B6pzrvqu1IeUeWdxM2lFOEczYlE
  • As soon as the link is clicked the download will start.
  • Once the FaceTime APK gets downloaded, open the file and it will run the installation wizard automatically in bluestacks.
  • Once it is installed follow the on screen instructions on how to use and that’s it. Enjoy your new video calling app

In conclusion it is as you can see fairly easy to install, there is just one added step that is download and installation of an android emulator. Once downloaded it is a cost free and hassle free app, that works like a dream.

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