Best 4 Apps for Chatting With Friends And Colleagues

No, this isn’t a guide to teach you the manners to chat with your friends. This is about choosing the right medium to chat when your friend is physically not with you. Today, we use our mobile phones to talk to the people who are separated by a distance. Thanks to the advancement in technology, we can talk to anyone, anytime no matter how far away someone is. We have the messaging applications like WhatsApp and Kik app that allow us to connect to friends over the internet. If you are wondering which medium is the best to chat with friends, let us help you out. Here is the list of top chatting apps of present day.


 If there is a list of chatting or messaging apps, WhatsApp has to make it to the top. This is because it is inarguably the most used instant messaging application. These days, it is difficult to find a person who doesn’t use this app. WhatsApp is simple to use. You can chat with friends on the go. You can express yourself with videos, photos, and audio clips. You can also make video and audio calls. Most people have this app and thus there is higher chance of connecting with someone if you too have it on your phone.

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Kik Messenger : 

Kik app gained its ground pretty rapidly and acquired nearly 300 million customers in a very short span of time. Kik too is a wonderful messaging application. Like all other chatting apps, you can send text messages, GIF images, pictures, photos, videos, audio notes and more. It also lets you make video calls. Kik extends its chat functionality to public groups, a feature unique to this app. You can create a public group or join one on the topic of your interest. For newbies, downloading Kik for pc is not a big task, they just require to install Blustacks Emulator.

 Facebook Messenger:

This app is the extension of Facebook social media platform. If you are on Facebook you must have already used the chat application it bundles with its web interface. Those who do not wish to log in on Facebook every time they have to use the chat service can download Facebook Messenger. It is a great tool to chat with friends. You don’t require any emulator to use Facebook messenger on pc, you can get web version of it.

Hangouts : 

Hangouts is one of the most advanced chatting apps from Google after Gtalk. Through this app, one can make audio and video calls along with texting. This is quite popular for Group chat and enhancing its features everyday. It comes with pre-loaded tools and other stuffs.

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