Best Video Editing Apps for Smartphones

One of most important joys of using a Smartphone is the ability to play with the videos.  You can add music in the background, edit it to make it funny or mix two videos and create something funny or use it to pack some information to drive your point home.  Here are few popular Applications which can help you in playing around with the videos.  Thankfully most of these Applications are either free or quite inexpensive.

Vine: You can record sequence of 6 seconds length.  The Vine is able to play this video in loop once the 6 seconds are complete.  This Application is used frequently to share clips on the social media and quite similar to iMovie for windows PC.

Download Vine for iOS

Download Vine For Android

Instragram: Instagram is no doubt the most popular Application among the users to share their stuff on social media. You can record a fifteen second clip, create a montage and then play it using available various filters.

Download Instagram For Android

Download Instagram For iOS

You Tube Capture: Available for iOS this Application is quite advanced in terms of managing and editing videos.  This Application is able to record quite fast and also helps in Trimming, Stabilization, Color Correction and also editing Music Tracks.

Download YouTube Capture for Android

Download YouTube Capture for iOS

iMovie: This exclusive iOS Application comes for a charge of $4.99 but is relatively advanced when compared to other available Applications.  You can add photos, videos, Sound Effect and Music in few taps.  You can directly share these videos on the You Tube, Facebook, Vimeo through this Application.

Download iMovie For iOS

Vyclone: Vyclone is available on all platforms Windows, Android and iOS. This Application is excellent for mixing videos from various sources.

Download Vyclone for Android

Download Vyclone for iOS


ReelDirector: This Application is available on iOS at the moment but is excellent complete with the option of adding titles and effects.  You can Trim, Splice and even add sound to a video. It comes at a fee of $1.99.

Download ReelDirector for iOS

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