AI is Not a Threat but Transforming the Way You Work

There was a time when people did not know about an ABC of technology. But they have progressed so much that they cannot dream of living without a touch of technology. You can see AI in many aspects of life like criminals’ identification, surgeries, diseases diagnosis, monitoring employees, and the like.

There is no doubt that AI has made our life easier, faster, smoother and better, but it is not creating a complete utopian picture of the world. Many people are concerned about losing their jobs as AI is replacing them. Now people take it as a threat to their life.

AI is creating opportunities in the economy. People are taking advantage of AI tools. There are advanced robots, Chatbots and autonomous systems helping you in those areas where you cannot perform manually. For instance, the AI tools inform cops where the crime is likely to occur. It can help them prevent crimes that have never been possible without them.

Various companies are incorporating AI tools for different purposes like monitoring the progress of remote employees, enhancing customer care services, identifying anomalies in the product, detecting frauds, automating the manufacturing process, and so forth.

AI implementation is supposed to make significant improvements in the economy. The prime reason for embracing AI tools in various industries is to increase the productivity of people. Economic growth depends on how actively people are contributing to it. According to data AI can help boost productivity by 2%.

AI is also contributing to making society safe and secure. Other disciplines where it is highly in demand are climate studies, material science, research and development, medicine, and so on.

AI will create more jobs

Automation has recently given food for thought that it will replace human beings. This is why many people are anxious about the use of AI, and they do not want to embrace it at all. Before you make any perception, you should figure out whether this statement holds water. What is the impact of AI?

Robots are not the only part of AI. Though they are likely to decimate some employment opportunities, AI is expected to create new jobs. Further, the entire task cannot be automated. Most of the tools require the role of human beings for assistance. With the adoption of AI, many new job opportunities will emerge down the road. Technical jobs are likely to increase with the use of AI. Industries like computer engineering, mechanical engineering, architecture, and health and fitness sector are going to be lucrative with the integration of AI.

Though some jobs will lose existence if industries continue to embrace AI in their day-to-day operations, it will produce some new posts at the same time. So, you can say that it is not posing a threat to employment. It is only reshaping the way we work.

AI will change the workplace

Apart from creating jobs, AI will also help you cope up with the new methods of carrying out tasks at the workplace, ensuring the maximum productivity and efficiency. It will overtake repetitive tasks to allow you to have some more time to focus on other activities. AI tools will also help you track the performance of employees. It can detect where they lack so that you could conduct training programmes.

With the adoption of AI, you will likely witness the following changes:

  • The demand for technical qualification and skills will increase.
  • Many employees will change their professions. Such changes may occur within the industry as well as across sectors.
  • People will develop skills to do their work, along with robots and AI tools.
  • The demand for more skilled people will rise.
  • People will get high-paying jobs.

AI will increase the efficiency

AI is supposed to increase the productivity of employees down the line. It will be a helpful tool to analyse data about speed and time to make sure that all employees are making the most of their time. There will not be a requirement of a staff to render round-the-clock service. Advanced AI Chatbots will have the potential to deal with all queries of the clients. Since most of the tasks will be carried out automatically, there are almost zero chances of errors.

AI will change the way you recruit

Ai technology will make the most of the recruitment procedure. Since there will be no biased opinions from shortlisting of a resume to hiring a candidate, recruiters will be able to hire the best talent. There are several AI tools helps recruitment managers to set the benchmarks for hiring candidates.

AI has the potential to eliminate biases that often result in unwanted termination and longer recruitment process. AI tools can also help new employees with onboarding. Employers and recruiters do not need to worry about it. It can also analyse the performance of employees to decide who deserves awards and promotions without leaving any scope for biases. As a result, human resource managers can focus on developing strategies to make hiring better and faster.

AI will undoubtedly contribute to significant benefits. Though it will kill some jobs, it will also create a new one. The overall impact of accepting AI is going to be better. Some organisations are so quick to adopt AI that they do not refraining themselves from taking out cash loans in 1 hour in Ireland in case they do not have enough money.

Description: AI is not a threat, but it is changing the way we work. This blog discusses how AI will contribute significant benefits.

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