4 Advantages Of Working At Flex Workstations

Have you re-decorated your home office in your mind over a hundred times? We get it, constantly looking at the same décor can be very boring. That’s why a lot of people tend to go to flex workstations. But, what does a flex workstation entail? Well, flex is short for flexible, so flexible workstations throughout cities and villages. You can compare it to a library while you were in high school. You can go to the library which is public to all students, take a seat and do your homework. No one is allocated to one specific working space; you can choose your own spot. The only thing you need to bring is your working equipment. Do you only have a plugged-in computer which you can’t bring, go rent a MacBook or rent an iPad.


1. Change of scenery

A change of scenery is important to break the monotony which home workers can sometimes experience. Because of a monotony day to day rhythm, your happiness decreases. And that’s not what we want now do we? So, to spice this up, go to a flex workstation. In these workstations you can sit wherever you want, whenever you want. Are there multiple flex workstations in your city? You canick a different workstation every day.


2. Flex workstations can be social

When going to flex workstations, you’ll probably won’t be alone. There are many other people who work in different sectors but also need stable Wi-Fi or are also in need of another working environment. Besides that, there are few people who wouldn’t like to have lunch alone. So, join people during their lunch break and get to know a few people. Not only does this enable you to make friends, but you can also do a little bit of networking. 


3. Improve your concentration

You might think you have an excellent concentration at home. But are you sure you’re not thinking about the (quick) laundry that you can throw in the washing machine? Or walking up to the fridge multiple times hoping that more food appears magically? It’s okay, it happens to the best of us. But at a flex working station you have less distraction so those thoughts will leave your mind. As well as every other person working in the office, there is an environment of concentration and hard work. So, you’ll naturally get infected with that flow. That’s why working at a flex workstation increases your concentration.


4. Balance your work and personal life

Covid-19 just came up and you thought: yes, now I can finally spend more time with my family. This is because you don’t have to drive all the way to the office and back. A year later, the dog is your personal assistant and there is a thin line between work and personal life. You can see and hear your children playing outside, not great for concentration as well. And they’ll probably barge in whenever it pleases them. A flex workstation is a solution to this problem. You can drive, walk or take the bus to your nearest flex workstation. Because it creates a different scenery, improves your concentration and you might even get to network. 

We suggest working at a flex workstation, are you ready to spice up your work life?

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