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Samsung Galaxy S3 VS HTC One X

These are one of the hottest Smartphone’s of 2012. The Samsung Galaxy S3 and The HTC One X apart from the apple iPhone 4S. If you are planning to buy a android Smartphone in the near near future is a very confusing decision to make between these two phones, It’s a lot like choosing a life partner, except that it probably won’t last as long. But hey, you have to what you have to do, so we will try to make things a bit easier for you. so lets get on with it.


The first contender is the Beautiful HTC One X which came out from nowhere with little hype and excitement and pre-launch rumours. The second contender is the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S3 like much hyped Android phone ever, like E-V-E-R in the android community.

So its a bit mandatory for us to do a sort of comparison of these two devices to make things a bit easier for everybody.

Here’s a technical comparison between both the devices. we will elaborate later on




HTC One X is, quite easily, one of the exquisite and great looking phones by HTC.  The Android 4.0 powered device adopts the curved profile from the Samsung Nexus while the overall make of the handset is a unibody design with smooth lines which lends it a sleek and a smart look. The body is made up of superior quality plastic with a matte finish for the main body with a glossy finish for the sides.

The Galaxy S3’s curvaceous body is quite the departure from the Galaxy S2’s boxy days. Due to the bigger screen found on the Galaxy S3, the form factor of the Samsung device does come in slightly bigger and longer than the HTC One X. It does not woo you with the wow factor  like its HTC counterpart.


Display and Screen

HTC One X boasts  a large 4.7 inch display screen with Super IPS LCD 2 technology. The Super IPS technology allows for incredible pixel resolution of 1280×720; pixel density at 312 ppi; which brings screen sharpness and accurate and consistent viewing from any angles.The display also uses a Gorilla Glass protection with an oleophobic coating. by now everybody knows what this technology is and its a plus on this one since this kind of glass is supposed to be tough and scratch resistant and you don’t need the damn screen guard for this, take my word i have used the Lumia 800 and was very impressed with the glass.

On the other hand the Samsung Galaxy S3 is an inch longer with a 4.8 inch display screen and utilises AMOLED HD technology instead of the Super LCD technology.

unless you look through a magnifying glass you wont know the difference but Samsung has always produced the best display in the market an this one is no exception. so in comparison both the device yield similar kind of results in spite of different technology used with Samsung having a very very slight upper hand also the Htc has a gorilla glass display which i am very fond of.



The HTC One X comes with the tried and tested Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor, clocked at 1.5GHz, while the Samsung Galaxy S3 sports a 1.4GHz Samsung Exynos 4 Quad processor with an Mali-400 GPU. .Practically there are hardly any games and applications which take advantage of either quad core setups or dual core at the moment. The extra cores truly help in multitasking and hence faster processing but overall, they both exhibit powerful processors with an immense power reserve which is hardly needed.

As per the tests conducted, both the phone’s browsers and CPU speeds do not show much of a difference. Though benchmarking gives a slight edge to Samsung Galaxy S3;however, we think it’s justified to call it a draw here.



Once again, software is a category where the Galaxy S3 and One X are alike. Both run Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich although slightly different versions. The Galaxy S III runs version 4.0.4 while the One X has 4.0.3.
The main difference in the area is the user interface overlay because neither uses vanilla Android. Samsung uses its TouchWiz interface and HTC has its Sense overlay.


On paper the two rear cameras are tied for specification. They are both rated at 8Mp with the ability to record video in full HD 1080p quality. The Galaxy S3 does have a higher resolution front facing camera, though at 1.9Mp compared to the HTC’s 1.3Mp shooter.


Battery and Storage

The S3 comes with a 2100mAh battery and the htc one X includes a 1800mAh power source.

The 2,100mAh battery is also bigger than the HTC One X’s 1,800mAh, non-replaceable power pack. Another addition that we like about the Galaxy S3 is, that, unlike the One X, it comes with a microSD card slot. The SD support potentially allows you to carry 128GB amount of music, movies, pictures, and other docs in your Galaxy S3 phone.

In the storage department the S3 comes with flexible options.The Galaxy S III comes in three storage options, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. The phone also offers expansion possible via a microSD card slot. In comparison the HTC One X is quite restrictive when it comes to storage with only a 32GB model and no microSD card slot.

And that’s a big Downer for Htc when compared to the galaxy S3.


In conclusion we like to say that both the Smartphone’s are superb in their own right. we liked both of them very much, but the only downside we found was with the HTC one X is that with the memory option was limited to 32Gb and also no memory slot included. if you are willing to live with that then its a fine phone since it has go a gorilla display which is a major upside for us and which Samsung  Galaxy S3 lacks.

So there it is, hope we helped you out a lil bit.

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