Android — 17 July 2012

Smallest Sim ever
iPhone 5 to use nano-Sims

Operators are busy placing multiple orders for a new nano-Sim, suggesting the iPhone 5 will feature the smallest ever Sim card when it launches later in the year.

According to the Financial Times, operators across Europe are keen to avoid a repeat of the iPhone 4 and original iPad launch – both of which used a new micro-Sim – which saw many of the operators underestimate the number needed to meet the demand for the devices.?

Speculation is mounting that the iPhone 5 could be announced as early as September and with Apple having a long tradition of shipping devices immediately after being unveiled, the operators look set to be well prepared this time around.?

The nano-Sim is even smaller than the micro-Sim and was at the centre of an argument between Apple and Nokia earlier this year with both having different proposals of how the Sim should be built. Ultimately Apple’s design was approved though other manufacturers will be able to use them in their own devices.

For a complete round up of what me might expect from the iPhone 5, check out our continually updated rumour page here.


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iPhone 5 to use nano-Sims 

iPhone 5 to use nano-Sims as operators begin stockpiling ahead of launch originally appeared on on Tue, 17 Jul 2012 09:42:00 +0100

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