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Scratch resistant too
iPhone 5 front panel specifics revealed

More leaks on what we can expect from the new iPhone 5 have emerged, but this time we have measurements down to the last millimetre.

According to Etrade, which conducted a comparison between the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 recording it on video, the new iPhone 5’s screen will be scratch resistant.


Scraping a set of keys repeatedly over both the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5’s display, the latter was left without a mark, while the iPhone 4S had visible scratches.

Back to the specifics of the iPhone 5’s front display and the panel is reported to measure 4.065-inches (we told you they were “specific”), but is in fact 0.1mm thinner than its predecessor.

The home button has also been slightly reduced, measuring 0.3mm, while the surrounding area has been reduced from 18mm to 15.4mm. The top area of the phone is also noticeably smaller than the iPhone 4S.

So what have we learnt? According to this latest report, the iPhone 5 will have a bigger screen, but smaller border and the screen won’t be a haven for unwanted scuffs from loose change or keys in your pocket.


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iPhone 5 front panel specifics revealed 
iPhone 5 front panel specifics revealed 

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