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Nokia Lumia 900 UK Launch on 27 April


Nokia Lumia 900 Smartphone

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Phones 4u and Carphone Warehouse have confirmed that the Nokia Lumia 900 will be getting a UK release before the end of the month, with Phones 4u grabbing the white exclusive as it did with the Lumia 800. 

The new Lumia phone, which launched on AT&T in the US over the Easter weekend, becomes Nokia's flagship device sitting above the Lumia 800 – although the UK version won't have the LTE offering found in the US version. 

If however the idea of a black, cyan, or even magenta phone isn't for you, Phones 4u will be offering a white edition of the Nokia Lumia 900, first seen at CES from the 27 April.

Those who pre-order the phone will also get a free Nokia Play 360 wireless speaker, worth £120. 

It means Phones 4u will be the only retailer offering the entire Nokia Lumia family (the 710, 800 and now 900) in white. …More at Nokia Lumia 900 release UK: 27 April, Phones 4u gets white exclusive


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Lumia 900 smartphone went into high gear this week in New York City.

To draw attention to the Nokia Lumia 900 — the first U.S. Windows Phone to boast a high-speed LTE network connection — Microsoft set up an event in Madison Square Park on Monday to give people a chance to check out the new device. The Lumia 900 (which costs $100 with a two-year contract) debuted on Easter Sunday and is yesterday was listed as the number one smartphone on Amazon.

Nokia and Windows aim to differentiate the device in the marketplace by highlighting its LTE network connection, which is far faster than the iPhone’s speed capabilities. New Yorkers who participated in a two-minute demo of the new Lumia 900 device or HTC Titan II device, which also runs on the LTE network, were given a ticket to win “time-saver” prizes.

Those randomly awarded special tickets could tap on an enlarged Lumia 900 touchscreen and win prizes that save them time, from a gift certificate for a local dog walker or having a member of the event staff wait in line for them at popular burger joint Shake Shack, located behind the event space

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