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How to check stocks and exchanges using Siri

Complete guide to Siri commands for Stocks

Siri can’t be your financial advisor or broker — yet! — but Siri can look up stock prices and exchange positions for you. Whether you want to find out what’s happening with APPL or GOOG, or if the DOW or NASDAQ is up or down, Siri’s got you covered. (Just not your positions. Sorry.)

How to check individual stocks with Siri

Siri can give you up to the minute information about any individual stock across many different stock exchanges. You don’t even have to know the stock symbol, only the company name. Siri provides opening, high, and low quotes, price-to-earning ratio, market cap, 52-week high and low, average volume, and yield.

  1. Press and hold down the Home button to activate Siri.
  2. Ask Siri to check on a stock price for you. For example, “Where is Google’s stock at today?”,”What’s Apple PE?”, or “What’s Yahoo’s market cap?”

Tap the Stock widget to go to the built-in Stocks app.

How to check stock exchanges with Siri

Besides giving you information on different stocks, you can also ask Siri for information on an entire exchange, including NASDAQ, NYSE, FTSE, Nikkei, or others.

  1. Press and hold down the Home button to activate Siri.
  2. Ask Siri about the exchange you’d like information for. For example, “What is the New York Stock Exchange’s current position?” or “How did NASDAQ close?”

How to get more help with Siri

How to check stocks and exchanges using Siri

If you have other Siri-related questions, you can also check out our Siri forum for suggestions and tips from all our members.

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