Grindr vs Hornet vs Tinder vs Blued : Which gay dating app is the best

Internet has brought everyone closer, and one the best way with the help of which this has been done is the by the use of dating applications. Over the past few years, we have seen that the dating applications have grown in number. Considering that, it has become slightly difficult to find out which is the best dating app. Here, we will be giving you some points that will help you in understanding these applications in a better way :

  1. Grindr :

It is most popular among Gays and it has more than 2 million users and they are from around 196 countries. Grindr application allows you chat in private, save and block the users, customize your search, allows you to view upto 100 guys on the basis of your location. It also has a premium feature that allows you to view upto 300 guys based on your location.

  1. Hornet :

This application is free and it has been developed by Hornet Networks Limited. This application is used by around 7 million people from all across the globe. According to few users, this application is also called as “the application that Grindr should have been”. This application allows you to find guys from any part of the world and allows you to connect with them instantly.

  1. Tinder :

There are two ways in which this application can be used. One is known as the Straight Tinder and the other one is known as the Straight Tinder, the user will just have to change the setting on the application. This application allows you to upload around 6 photos on your profile. You can also integrate your Tinder account with your Instagram account, and connect with more people. This application also has a premium version, known as the Tinder Plus, and this version allows you to super like and rewind.

  1. Blued :

This application started as a Chinese gay dating application. The application can be joined by either using your Facebook account or your Twitter account. Of all the applications that have been discussed so far, this is the only application that allows you to follow others, share updates, photos and videos on your profile. As of now, this application has 27 million users. This is the most useful application for gay men. Recently, a new feature has also been introduced known as the BLUED LIVE, that allows the users to go live.

What is Periscope and How to Use it

What is Periscope and How to Use it

You may have seen people in your friend list on Facebook live streaming the videos from a party or during their vacation. By now you must already be aware that you can also live stream a video over the internet. Facebook is fine for this purpose, but there is an app created by Twitter dedicated completely to live streaming; it is called Periscope.

So, in simple words, Periscope is a live video streaming app. Millions of people, all over the world, are already using this application. It lets you broadcast your live videos using your mobile phone. You can also view the live stream of other people on your mobile phone. The videos remain on this app for 24 hours after the live broadcast is over.

Using Periscope

Using Periscope is pretty easy. You simply need to download the app from the Apple App Store if you have an iOS device or Google Play Store if you use Android device. Once the app has been downloaded, you can sign in with Twitter account, Facebook account or your phone number. Earlier, Periscope allowed access only via Twitter. It has now expanded its reach.

Once you are logged in, you will need to follow some easy, onscreen instructions to set up your account. It will not take more than a minute to set it up. Once the account has been set up, you can start broadcasting the videos over the internet.

As you would start using the app, you will get more familiar with it. Although the app is owned by Twitter now, but the number of followers you see does not reflect your number of followers on Twitter. Both have different list of followers. Periscope has its own followers. If you wish to use Periscope on computer, then you’ll have to download iOS emulator. 


You can start broadcasting the videos and make it private or public. If the video is private it will be available only to a few people with whom you have chosen to share it. The public videos are available to everyone whether or not they are in your follower list. You can also give a catchy title to your videos.

Google Allo vs Skype vs FaceTime: Competitive Analysis

Text chatting over internet has been around for nearly two decades and video calling for one. But, the truth is that these services weren’t as exciting as they are today. All of us now have smartphones and advanced data coverage. This allows us to stay connected with friends and family at all times.

There are plenty of applications that can be used to make video calls or send text messages. We can also make voice calls and send voice messages, pictures, videos, and files using the apps today.

With so many apps to pick from, it is easy to get confused. Here is the quick comparison between the three popular messaging services – Google Allo, Skype, and FaceTime.

 duo vs allo

Features and Functionalities

Google Allo is a messaging application but it is quite different from the others. Google has incorporated a number of AI features that make this app a completely different ballgame altogether. It has a ‘smart reply’ function that suggests automatic replies to the last message. It uses the machine learning technology created by Google. This app also observes the user behaviour to provide the responses accordingly.

Skype is more of a conventional messaging app with multi-functionalities. You can use skype to make video calls and voice calls and send text messages, pictures, videos, audio, and other files. So, in a way, it is a complete package in itself.

FaceTime, is available only the users of the Apple devices (iOS and OSX). It focuses principally on video calling. It is a very basic video calling app with a very simple user interface. However, it is still a craze among the Apple users.

Platform availability

Google Allo is a multi-platform app available on Android and iOS devices.

As already mentioned, FaceTime is only for the iOS and OSX users. It is an ‘Apple-only’ product.

Skype is the cross-platform app in the truest sense. It can be used on the Android, iOS, Mac, Windows PC, and Windows mobile platforms.


FaceTime is an extremely popular app among the users of iOS and OSX devices. But, Apple hasn’t launched Facetime for Android yet so Android users will be disappointed here.

Popularity of Skype can be judged from the fact that voice and video calling once were synonymised with ‘Skype’.

Google Allo, on the other hand, is the least used and least popular among the three.

What is iMessage? How to install iMessage for windows?

iMessage is an instant messaging app created by Apple Inc. and officially it is only available for to the iOS and Mac devices. It is an incredibly fast and user friendly app. There is no wonder why so many people want to use this application. However, there are a lot of people who cannot afford iOS devices or do not want to own one. At the same time, they want to use this messaging app. If you want to use iMessage on your Windows PC or laptop, here is how you can do it.

Download and Install iMessage on Windows

There are a lot of apps exclusive to certain platforms and hence not available for cross platform use. But, people are always looking to circumvent the rules and find a way to use it on their existing devices. The truth is that it is easy to use iMessage app on Windows PC. If you have Windows OS 7 or above, here are the simple steps you will need to follow:


  • First of all you are going to need an iOS emulator for your Windows PC. The emulator will create the iOS platform right on your Windows desktop and enable you access to many Apple’s apps. iPadian is one of the best iOS emulators there is. You can download it from their website
  • Install the iPadian emulator from their website and launch it. You will see that the display of your screen has transformed into what looks like Mac environment.
  • You will be able to spot a dock at the bottom too
  • Use the search bar to search for ‘iMessage’ app and install it
  • You will see the app in the iPadian drawer. Start it from there and you are all set to go.

Features of iMessage

  • iMessage does everything that a messaging app should do but with greater style
  • You can send texts, pictures and videos using iMessage
  • It features a very neat and easy to use interface
  • You can access iMessage online without any downloading
  • It is integrated with FaceTime for video calls
  • It is extremely fast and user friendly

SHAREit for iOS- Easy Installation And User Guide

Why do we need apps like SHAREit you might ask? Well, the answer is pretty simple. Have you ever tried sharing files between the two mobile devices using Bluetooth? If not, try and share a large file using this connectivity method. There is a good chance you would already know how inconvenient it is to use Bluetooth especially when the file is large. It is unreliable at best.

But the things have been made easier because of the file sharing apps like SHAREit. This app was developed by Lenovo and has been around for a few years now. It will not be an exaggeration to say that it is the most popular app at this time for the iOS as well as Android users.


Features of SHAREit for iOS

  • First of all, SHAREit for iOS is not just for iOS. This means that this app is not exclusive to the iOS users. This also means that you can use this app to transfer files between an iOS and other devices (say Android). This cross platform feature is great because not everyone uses iPhone or iPad these days. An overwhelmingly large number of people are also using the Android phones.
  • It offers very high speed file transfer. You can transfer large files in quick time. Let’s say you had a 2GB movie on your iPhone you wanted to share with your friend. As long as both the phones are within the sharing range you will be able to transfer this file within 10 minutes. Isn’t this awesome?
  • What’s even amazing is that SHAREit for iOS or for that matter any other platform does not use your mobile data. So, you don’t have to worry about using your data while transferring the large files.
  • SHAREit is absolutely free for all the mobile phone users, whether Android, iOS or Windows.

Easy to install and use

It is very easy to install and use this app on the iOS devices. All you need to do is go to the App Store (iTunes) and search for this app. Download it as usual.

The interface of this app is very user friendly. This makes it very easy to use.

Facetime for Windows 8, 9 and 10- Download and Installation Guide

FaceTime is a video chat application by apple, so it’s easily available to use on ios devices but to use it on a windows pc needs a bit of tweaking. It’s free and the best app to use if you wish to contact a friend with an iphone; all you have to do is enter the friend’s contact number, if the recipient is using ipod, ipad or a mac then you feed in their email id. To use this app you need only an apple id and a wifi connection. It’s easily the best app of it’s kind in the market, since it provides HD quality video and a clear, noise free audio. It also has the option of blocking certain call or all for a time.


Facetime also provides a mute feature so the person on the other end can see but not hear you, while the mute button is turned on. It works fine with a 3G connection. It is a user friendly and totally secure app.

To be able to run it on a windows pc, all that’s needed is

  • Windows 7 or higher
  • 1GB ram
  • Web cam
  • Headset or microphone
  • Internet connection

How to download and install Facetime on PC?

To download Facetime for PC, Well it’s definitely a bit more complicated than when it comes to using it on a mac, but even so it’s easy enough that anyone can do it. Besides it’s well worth the extra minute or so you may have to spend.


  • Download an android emulator such as blue stacks. An android emulator mimics the android ios when it’s run, as such any app that’s made for android, and then these apps can then be run in the emulator interface. And since there is a facetime app available for android that can easily run here.
  • Install the emulator and launch it
  • After installation, you need to setup the emulator with your gmail id
  • If you have Android phone already and a Gmail ID linked to it, then click onexisting button and add your Gmail ID and password to setup Bluestacks. And if you are new to Bluestacks and Android then click on new and connect Gmail account with Bluestacks.
  • Once bluestacks in setup
  • Download facetime apk from here*/0B6pzrvqu1IeUeWdxM2lFOEczYlE
  • As soon as the link is clicked the download will start.
  • Once the FaceTime APK gets downloaded, open the file and it will run the installation wizard automatically in bluestacks.
  • Once it is installed follow the on screen instructions on how to use and that’s it. Enjoy your new video calling app

In conclusion it is as you can see fairly easy to install, there is just one added step that is download and installation of an android emulator. Once downloaded it is a cost free and hassle free app, that works like a dream.

Best Video Editing Apps for Smartphones

One of most important joys of using a Smartphone is the ability to play with the videos.  You can add music in the background, edit it to make it funny or mix two videos and create something funny or use it to pack some information to drive your point home.  Here are few popular Applications which can help you in playing around with the videos.  Thankfully most of these Applications are either free or quite inexpensive.

Vine: You can record sequence of 6 seconds length.  The Vine is able to play this video in loop once the 6 seconds are complete.  This Application is used frequently to share clips on the social media and quite similar to iMovie for windows PC.

Download Vine for iOS

Download Vine For Android


Instragram: Instagram is no doubt the most popular Application among the users to share their stuff on social media. You can record a fifteen second clip, create a montage and then play it using available various filters.

Download Instagram For Android

Download Instagram For iOS


You Tube Capture: Available for iOS this Application is quite advanced in terms of managing and editing videos.  This Application is able to record quite fast and also helps in Trimming, Stabilization, Color Correction and also editing Music Tracks.

Download YouTube Capture for Android

Download YouTube Capture for iOS


iMovie: This exclusive iOS Application comes for a charge of $4.99 but is relatively advanced when compared to other available Applications.  You can add photos, videos, Sound Effect and Music in few taps.  You can directly share these videos on the You Tube, Facebook, Vimeo through this Application.

Download iMovie For iOS


Vyclone: Vyclone is available on all platforms Windows, Android and iOS. This Application is excellent for mixing videos from various sources.

Download Vyclone for Android

Download Vyclone for iOS


ReelDirector: This Application is available on iOS at the moment but is excellent complete with the option of adding titles and effects.  You can Trim, Splice and even add sound to a video. It comes at a fee of $1.99.

Download ReelDirector for iOS


Best Social Networking Application- Tango- Pros/Cons & Features

Tango is a social networking application all-in-one. It allows you to make videos of high quality video call, call, chat, share photos and videos and play, all free.

Guide Official guide in English

Main features

  • Easy to use
  • No logins or passwords,
  • in a few seconds you can create an account
  • And automatically find your friends using Tango.
  • Call them and send them messages just as you do on your phone.
  • Tango is compatible with most smartphones, tablets, and PCs.
  • Funny you can customize your calls and messages with Tango Surprises; of funny animations.
  • Challenge your friends by playing games during calls.
  • Find all your photos and videos in a central gallery.
  • Send postcards to your to let them know you are thinking of them.
  • Edit your photos by adding filters, text, before sending them to friends …


Note: Tango Mobile has abandoned the Tango for PC version and this is no longer available for download. Instead you can get the app for Android, iOS or Windows Phone. However you can still get this app on your PC through Android emulator such as Bluestacks or Andy. You can download any of these emulators on your PC and search for Tango in the search bar, once you get the result you can download the app and enjoy it on your PC.

System requirements

Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, or 7 Processor: 1 GHz or higher RAM: 1 GB or higher other versions Android iOS Windows Phone


Pros / Cons


  • Video and audio calls and SMS chat
  • Games Animations and adhesives postcards
  • Simple to use
  • Free Multi-platforms
  • Tango for PC is available for Android and Windows Phone.

Pixlr Vs Snapseed- Which App is better?

1. Pixlr Express

7 Reasons which makes Pixlr Express better than Snapseed

We are comparing Pixlr Express with Snapseed


1.More filters than Snapseed

100 Filters in Pixlr whereas in comparison only 27 filters are in Snapseed

What filters do is to allow you to apply different effects in your image like for example black&white, Retro, Sepia and etc.

 2. Pixlr has more frames than Snapseed

Pixlr has 210 Frames to offer whereas Snapseed only offers 23

The more number of frames to choose from the more stylish you can make your image look after.

3. Pixlr Express has higher rating on Google Play Store than Snapseed

To be precise Pixlr has better reviews and an overall higher rating than Snapseed on Google Play Store (4.5 Pixlr- 4.4 Snapseed).

pixlr editor

4. Pixlr allows you to add caption and titles to your image

Snapseed doesn’t offer any such feature

5. Pixlr also has paint your image option using its “Brush” tool

Alas, Snapseed doesn’t have any such feature

6. Pixlr only engages 13 MB of memory in your phone whereas Snapseed takes around 27.9MB space

Need not to tell you the importance of phone memory when it comes to using Android phones.

7. Pixlr also comes with collage making feature

pixlr edit

Snapseed do not entitle any such feature.

2. Snapseed


5 Reasons to choose Snapseed over Pixlr Express

We are comparing Snapseed for PC with Pixlr Express

1. Snapseed comes with tilt shift featur

Pixlr Express do not has tilt shift feature

For the newbie’s, tilt shift is a technique to create “diorama” effect in your image which can turn your normal image to into small models. This effect stimulates a shallower depth of field in your image or on objects in the background of your image.

2. Snapseed also comes with HDR adjustment feature

Pixlr has no such feature

By adjusting HDR of your image you can improve the quality of your image; basically what it does is- making your image appear just like how you see things with your naked eyes.

snapseed app

3. Snapseed comes with tablet version as well

Pixlr do not comes with tablet version

4. Snapseed has more and better crop option

Snapseed has 7 cropping sizes in comparison to Pixlr which has only 5

5. Snapseed comes with manual white balance option

Pixlr has no such features


By manual white balance one can select the most precise setting and evade the hue which can arise in auto mode.